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Transfigured by Grace


The Gospel reading this week tells us the story of the Transfiguration of Jesus. Heaven on earth, a sight to see. Jesus limits the viewing to only three. He travels up a mountain with them and when they reached the top….it happened. Jesus is transfigured. His face shone like the sun and His clothes were whiter than light. Moses appeared and so did the prophet Elijah.
Theologically we see the law, the prophets and Grace. All perfect, all redeeming, but in the end only Jesus. Theologically….a new day, a new covenant has begun. Grace is revealed and it will save us; Grace will complete the law; Grace, the unmerited favor of God; it offers …..a new day! Grace is Jesus and Jesus is Grace.
Simply however, when I prayed on this, I thought….hmm… grace put a different spin on Jesus. Peter became aware that his revelation about Jesus was real (See Matthew 16:16).. Something changed for all of them. They saw what they saw and were filled with all types of emotions. They may not have understood it all but it was….. a new day. Grace was something to be in awe of. Something never seen before. Grace changed everything.
So I thought, if only I could see all things through the lens of grace. Understanding that in the end…it’s the grace of God that will see me through, I can realize I really can’t make it alone….and with Grace I don’t have to. Through the lens of grace I can let go of my plans, my effort and allow God to be God. I can rest assured that His plan, His Will can transcend and transfigure, if you will, any dilemma, any situation I find myself in. I tell my students all the time, when you change the way you look at things; the things you look at change.
Looking throughout my life, at all the tough times I endured, I see I never spent a moment alone. God’s grace pulled me through. God’s Grace, His gift to me, allowed me to see a new day.
So during the day today, see how all things can transfigure to grace; a hug, a friendly smile, laughter, nature, our children… All is evidence that His grace is alive and is trying to communicate with us each day. Jesus loves me…and I have the Grace to prove it.
Just a thought.

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