Newly released book-“The Thief… Simply Grace”

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Book will be released on Good Friday, April 14, 2017.

Please check back for Book Signing Events!

We all know that life can turn on us, anytime. The thief, crucified on Jesus’ side, had a major paradigm shift. Through his journey to his death, the thief witnessed grace in action, love unconditional became real. This was something he yearned for throughout his life.
While dying on the cross, the thief asked Jesus to remember him. At that moment, his whole life, although coming to end as he knew it, changed and new life…eternal life, was given to him. It was simply grace, nothing more…and it was as simple as that.
Pastor J Anthony will guide you through this historical fiction based on the thief’s journey with Jesus. The reflections and thoughts that follow, will open your eyes and lead you to surrender who you are, to better understand whose you are. Follow the Pastor’s journey and some of his friends as they witness about the Theology of Simplicity in their own personal testimonies. Through it, you will see that a relationship with the source of the universe is not only possible but is truly what God wants to have with you. It is simply grace that brings that truth clarity and reality.